Kitten.Finance Review: Advanced AMM, Binary Options, Low Gas Fees

* Here's a new farm i'm in on Matic, I'm getting 550% APY here. is an advanced defi ecosystem. It’s products will include: a next-generation AMM, advanced order types like: limit and stop orders, binary options, a rebasing stablecoin, lending, and farming to fairly launch its tokens. It solves important problems like: impermanent loss, high gas fees, and even allows one-sided token launches, with no ETH!

This project is innovative, and the devs are geniuses. They are tackling hard problems, and seem to have a grand plan. Their dapps address key issues that face defi users and developers alike. The only criticism i do have, is the name. I think they should rebrand, but for now, i hope they just keep working hard to realize their vision.

Kitten Finance Products include:

  • Kittenswap – a new type of AMM, w/ advanced features and order types
  • Alpha Dex – binary options, compounding strategies
  • 12 farming pools for fair tokens launches
  • 4 tokens: KIF, DEX, kBASE, and LIQUID

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Kitten.Finance’s Products

1) Kittenswap, an innovative new AMM

Kittenswap is a gas friendly AMM, with advanced order types like limits and stops. It doesn’t need liquidity providers, and it solves impermanent loss. It can be used to conduct IKO’s, or Initial Kittenswap Offerings, with only one-sided liquidity. NO ETH is required. It is a superior way to conduct an IDO. Devs can use advanced market making orders to launch a token, without needing to conduct a pre-sale to raise Eth!

Read about how their AMM can work without LPs here.

Kittenswap will also have advanced order types like: limit orders, wide-limit orders, and stops.

Advanced Market Making Orders

The team recently used Kittenswap’s Advanced Market Making Order, to launch its new $LIQUID token. They only provided one side of liquidity, no ETH. This proves that their new AMM works, and pre-sales are no longer needed to raise ETH for liquidity. This is game changing tech for token launches!

Advanced Order-Types on Kittenswap

Their AMM will offer advanced order types including: limit orders, stop orders, wide limit orders, automatic market-making orders. Limit orders are now live on the testnet. (the image below is the interface)

Their medium post here, discusses how stop orders can be used as collateral for loans. The stop orders guarantee that a token price will be above a certain point, at a certain time/date. Users will be able to borrow funds based on their stop orders.

  • Here’s an example: Betty is able to borrow 6000 USD, because her “Sell stop 10 ETH @ 700 USD” order guarantees the value of her 10 ETH is higher than approximately 7000 USD.”

Another type of order launching soon, is wide limit orders. This is a limit order that covers a range of prices.

Kittenswap = Lower Gas Fees

Kittenswap contracts are optimized for lower gas fees. Swaps are about 1/3 the cost of Uniswap. (I bought some $LIQUID and it cost $5, compared to Uniswap’s $15.)

2) AlphaDex – Binary Options and Auto-Staking

AlphaDex is a dapp that offers binary options, auto-staking, and compounding strategies. Users can buy bullish/bearish shares, which payout if a user correctly predicts price direction. The dex uses a time-weighted average price (TWAP) to combat oracle manipulation, or flash loan attacks. (V2 in coming soon)

  • The $DEX token is for governance, dividends, buybacks, and staking on Alphaswap.

Version 2.0 of AlphaDex will have auto-staking. This will compound wins/losses into the next round. Users can choose strategies like:bull, bear, momentum, and contrarian.

Kitten Finance: 4 Token Ecosystem

$KIF – this is the governance and staking token for Kittenswap. It is used for dividends, buybacks, and will allow users to access kittenswap IKO’s. The max supply is 42,000. The token was distributed via liquidity mining, with no presale or premine.

$DEX – this token is for governance, dividends, and buybacks on AlphaDex. The max supply is 420,000.

$kBASE – this is an elastic supply stablecoin. It will be used for staking. It can be minted by locking assets as collateral.

$LIQUID – LIQUID is a token with a decreasing supply. Its main utility will be lending. Users will be able to deposit $LIQUID to borrow ETH, from inside of the LIQUID contract. Taxes on the LIQUID token are used to create liquidity for lending.

When token transfer/sells are taxed, they are burned to reward holders. The floor price of LIQUID will increase as it is burned, because its price is shifted on the bonding curve!

The image below describes LIQUID v2 improvements, which are coming in 2-3 weeks.

Fair Token Distribution via Farming

There are 12 farming pools to distribute KIF, DEX, and kBASE. The APY % shows the weekly earnings. The rewards half each week.

My Conclusion on Kitten Finance

Kitten Finance makes key innovations, which could turn this low-cap gem, into a blue-chip star. It’s very early, but the launch of $LIQUID proves its one-sided AMM works. Kittenswap can do token launches without ETH liquidity!

This means crypto projects no longer need to conduct pre-sales, to raise ETH for liquidity. They can launch on Kittenswap with an Advanced market-making order to save valuable tokens, in their earliest stages.

Kittenswap also has low gas fees. My $LIQUID purchase cost me about 1/3 of a Uniswap trade, a 75% discount. In our current gas crisis, anyone who provides a solution, will be a big winner.

I’m dying to try Kittenswap’s advanced order types. Limit orders, wide limit orders, and stop-orders, will help us scoop up low-caps at rock-bottom. The ability to take out loans, against stop orders will also keep this money from being tied up. The binary options and strategies that Alphadex provides, will give us even more ways to exploit this market.

The tokenomics of KIF, DEX, kBASE, and LIQUID are well thought-out. $LIQUID will provide liquidity for lending. $LIQUID holders will be rewarded, as the price floor elevates from the sell/transfer taxation. $KIF and $DEX will provide dividends, and access to launches on the AMM. $kBASE will be the stable asset of the system.

Kitten finance is tackling tough problems faced in defi. Most projects are just copycats, but the kitten devs are truly intelligent innovators. This is a project i’m going to hold for a longer term. I do hope they change that name tho 😉

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